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Water Softeners

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Water Softeners are one of our specialties! Chasles Plumbing Professionals are certified to evaluate the quality of water in your home or business. We’ll make the right recommendation for you based on usage and water quality in your specific property location. We stand by our installations with offered maintenance plans to ensure your water softener unit runs at optimal efficiency for many years to come.

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What Is “Hard” Water?

Chasles Plumbing Professionals has many years of experience in a region of “hard” water. We understand the type and quality of water that we consume every day.

This water composition is an ongoing challenge for homes and businesses in the Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge regions. Our water is considered “hard” because it has a high mineral content. It’s high in calcium and magnesium. You can see it every day as it leaches out into our kettles, toilet bowls and falls out of our ice cubes in drinks.

Because of this water composition, it means that it is very hard on our clothes, dishes, plumbing and our bodies. Our clothes don’t last as long as they would with conditioned water – or those with fewer minerals. It can dry out our hair and skin and we all know that feeling of residue remaining on our skin after a bath or shower.

The Cost Of Hard Water

In addition to the toll hard water takes on the physical components it touches, it costs us more with our daily consumables. Soap, detergents, de-scaler, de-limers are required to clean your plumbing fixtures. Over time the fixtures wear out faster. Estimates are that they can wear out 30% faster than with softened or conditioned water. For these reasons, we always recommend that homes and business install water softeners on premises.

Symptoms Of A Faulty Water Softener

If you are experiencing black or discoloured water, if you have an unusual buildup of minerals in toilets, your softener may need repair or replacement. We’ll help diagnose the issue and make a recommendation that’s right for you.

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