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Plumbing Videos

Some of our favourite plumbing videos from our library

Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

Watch Lee Chasles show us why old cast iron pipes need to be replaced. If you think they last forever…this video is for you.

Hot Water Tank Anode Replacement

Watch Lee Chasles from Chasles Plumbing Professionals talk about why it’s important to change your Hot Water Tank’s Anode every few years. You should be able to double the life of your hot water tank with this easy maintenance job.

Learning About Flo by Moen

Watch Lee boast about this great little product by Moen. Control your home’s water supply easily with a mobile app. Get reports and usage details at your fingertips. We’re now the local experts in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge at installing and setting up this cost-saving device. Give us a call to order yours today!

A Commercial Plumbing Job

Watch and listen to the owner of Arabella Park Beer Bar talk about their experience working with Chasles Plumbing.

Water Main Replacement in Kitchener

We replaced a water main on Weber Street in Kitchener, Ontario. Aging galvanized pipes in the Kitchener area are now needed replacement. This particular pipe was leaking underground.

Installing a Sewage Ejection System

We installed this system in a 160 year old home. The basement sat too low for a regular toilet tie in so we had to install an ejection system. They work flawlessly and our client is more than happy.