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Excavation Services

Your water & sewer main replacement specialists

Sewer and Water Mains – Excavation

Chasles Plumbing Professionals can repair damaged water main and sewer lines running from your home or business to the city’s main line.

Often sewer mains will fail with age or intrusive tree roots. Water lines may not get blocked but they do fail from corrosion.

It’s important that you first get an assessment of the sewer line prior to an excavation. It may be possible to clear blockage if sewer lines are salvagable. Call Chasles Plumbing and we’ll scope your sewer with our cameras. We’ll show you exactly what the problem is and explain your options to fix it. If it’s absolutely necessary to excavate, rest assured we’ll use the utmost care and minimize any disruption to your landscaping.

We always consider our customer’s schedule and budget when excavating sewers and water mains.

Sewer main replacement

Watch Our Sewer Main Dig Up

Fixing a water main leak

FREE Consultation

Excavation may be a complex operation. If you have a question about a sewer issue, give us a call and see how we can help.

Plumbing Tip

Always remember to have your plumber call a certified electrician to re-ground your electrical panel after a pipe replacement. Ground wires are normally connected to your sewer and if you replace the pipe, you will not be able to reconnect the ground wire to the new PVC. Chasles Plumbing always ensures safety with your home or commercial projects.