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The Most Important Tap in Your Home

Most of us have several taps and shutoffs in our home and businesses. There is one tap however, that is the most important and we should all know exactly where it is.

This tap is the first one in line after the water main comes into your premises. Often it is right beside the water meter. This tap/shutoff is the main line of defence when something goes wrong with your plumbing, faucets and shutoffs. By shutting this off, you effectively prevent any new water coming into your home from the municipality. Continue reading

Plumbing Then and Now

Plumbing was one of the ingredients responsible for our modern-day society. Farming was the other major advancement that allowed societies to flourish.

Plumbing originated with ancient civilizations of Persia, Greece, India and the Chinese. These societies realized that in order for people to live together in large quantities, there needed to be a mechanism for acquiring potable (drinkable/usable) water and a method for removing it away from living areas.

Continue reading

Desco Parade Of Products 2015

Chasles Team

We had a great time at Desco’s “Parade of Products 2015” this year at Bingemans in Kitchener. They always put on a great show and we always learn a lot. Everyone wins at this event – in fact, we did win a door prize, a nice shower head! Thanks to all the guys & gals at Desco! We’ll see you next year. Actually, we’ll see you tomorrow for some supplies.  🙂

In this picture above, L-R we have Jeff, Adam, Lee and Michelle, photography by Marty – our amazing marketing guy – who was the winner of the door prize!

Note: If you forget to wear your Chasles Plumbing Professionals t-shirt, we know Photoshop, we’ll paint one on you.