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When To Install A Sewage Ejection System

If you’re thinking about putting a bathroom in your finished basement, you may need a sewage ejection system. In many older homes (without plumbing under the foundation), the plumbing pipes run at the ground level. They run under the main floor and between joists and connecting with other pipes that ensure waste removal and water circulation.Sewage Ejection System
If you were to attempt to connect a basement toilet with a sewer main, you may find that there is not enough drop from the basement toilet level to the municipal sewage system. Essentially there would not be enough boost from gravity to allow for evacuation of sewage at that level of your home.

Installing an ejector system is not difficult. It likely also means that you don’t have to cut into the foundation to lay sewage pipes – saving you time and money.

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When To Replace Your Toilet

Toilet Replacement Chasles Plumbing

Knowing when to swap out an old toilet is a question we get asked with increasing frequency.

There is more to consider than simply whether a toilet has stood the test of fashion. Water costs and impact on the environment are now considerations for homeowners.  Wear and tear on bathroom fixtures in the Kitchener-Waterloo region mean a shorter life span for – due to the hard water deposits that form due to the high mineral content in our water supply. Continue reading