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The Most Important Tap in Your Home

Most of us have several taps and shutoffs in our home and businesses. There is one tap however, that is the most important and we should all know exactly where it is.

This tap is the first one in line after the water main comes into your premises. Often it is right beside the water meter. This tap/shutoff is the main line of defence when something goes wrong with your plumbing, faucets and shutoffs. By shutting this off, you effectively prevent any new water coming into your home from the municipality. Continue reading

Home inspector or plumber

Buying a home? Get a video drain inspection

If you’re buying a home, there’s no doubt you already have many things on your mind. Home inspections may be one of them, but something specific is often overlooked – an inspection of your plumbing pipes.

Home inspectors have many tools to help examine potential issues with your home, but it’s not often they possess the camera equipment required to peer through pipes.

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