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Ask A Plumber

FREE Question Friday

We’re happy to announce our latest program aimed at helping local homeowners with the complex task of understanding plumbing and its regulations.

We are fielding questions from homeowners and we will be recording our answers and posting to social media. We’re calling this ‘FREE Question Friday’. The reality is that we always answer plumbing questions when we’re asked but we want the public to feel free to ask us anything. We’ll try to answer all questions – if we can’t we’ll get to it next week.

Look for our first post this Friday April 24, 2015. Check our Facebook page for our audio responses.

Thanks for your participation. Go ahead, ask a plumber! We’ll help you get answers to all your plumbing questions.

When To Replace Your Toilet

Toilet Replacement Chasles Plumbing

Knowing when to swap out an old toilet is a question we get asked with increasing frequency.

There is more to consider than simply whether a toilet has stood the test of fashion. Water costs and impact on the environment are now considerations for homeowners.  Wear and tear on bathroom fixtures in the Kitchener-Waterloo region mean a shorter life span for – due to the hard water deposits that form due to the high mineral content in our water supply. Continue reading

Backflow Testing and Certification

In city water supply systems, the water pressure is normally high enough to allow water to flow from faucets within homes and businesses. If there is a reduction in this pressure, it’s possible that water may enter the system and cause contamination with clean potable water. This can happen when pipes freeze or there is heavy water use in your neighbourhood.
Backflow Prevention Device

Chasles Plumbing Professionals are licensed for backflow testing. We install, inspect and certify backflow devices for residential and commercial plumbing.

You can read more on our site or contact us to book your annual inspection with our licensed plumbers.