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Avoid Clogged Drains This Holiday Season

Cooking grease clogs drains

Grease will keep Plumbers busy this Holiday Season

One of the most common issues over the holiday season is clogged drains. Chasles Plumbing would like to remind you to never pour grease down drains. Whether you’re cooking turkey or a roast, there is a significant amount of grease produced when cooking at high temperatures.

For inexperienced homeowners (or dishwashers) it may seemĀ like a fairly innocuous thing to do. PourĀ piping-hot water into a pan and wash it down the sink drain. It’s what you don’t see past the sink drain that will cause issues. That hot flowing liquid quickly turns into a solid once it reaches colder water and pipes. Continue reading

Kitchen Sink Replacement

Kitchen Renovation Just in Time for Christmas!

Kitchen Sink Replacement

Here is one of our latest installs – kitchen sink replacement. The client was very satisfied with the sink and faucet installation.

This is a granite x-15 sink, which is made with 80% natural, non-porous, stain and acid resistant, making it easy to maintain. The Valencia single flexible stainless steel faucet complement this sink which makes for a beautiful look.