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Installing a Backwater Valve Leads to Annual Cost Savings For Homeowners

Feb 2, 2022 | Plumbing Tips, Sewer Pipes

We often see confusion around the plumbing terms Backwater Valve (or preventer) and Backflow Valve. Homeowners and even insurance companies are muddying the waters on this one.

Last week, a homeowner told us that their insurance company said that they could get a reduction on their insurance premium if they had a backflow value installed in their home. This is not the first time we’ve heard this claim. What the insurance company really meant was a “Backwater” valve.

A Backwater valve is installed in a home or business and it prevents sewage from flowing in the wrong direction and backing up the sewage system. This situation can be caused when a blockage occurs in the city’s sewage line. If the city’s sewage can’t flow properly and it accumulates, it may find its way into your home and up through your lowest drain.

A Backflow valve does something similar, but it prevents water you already received from the municipality (sitting in your water pipes, pool, etc.) and having it sucked back into the municipal water system. More on this topic in another blog.

This week we installed a Backwater valve for that customer. The photos show here how we had to remove part of the concrete floor in the basement so that the sewage line could be exposed. We then installed the Backwater valve, backfilled that ground with gravel and poured fresh cement.

With the installation of a Backwater valve, many insurance companies will lower your premium. You can call and ask. You may have to explain the differences between the two valves first, but we recommend making that call. Besides, if you’ve made it this far in the article, you’re practically an expert.

It’s great to save money on insurance…it’s also nice to not have to worry about your neighbour’s sewage seeping into your home.

Call Chasles Plumbing Professionals if you’d like more information on our backwater and backflow equipment installation service. (519) 240-0077.

Update: That customer was so happy without work, they just left a Google Review for us:

“Lee installed a backwater valve for us. Talk about professional; Lee was incredibly friendly, always willing to discuss details and answer questions and incredibly hard-working (lugging that busted-up concrete and old cast iron up our ancient basement steps could not have been easy!) His clean-up was immaculate, leaving the site looking better than when he arrived. We highly recommend his work and would definitely call on him again – thanks Lee (and Michelle)!”

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