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The Tool That’s Making a Big Difference

Oct 27, 2021 | Basement renovations, Cambridge Plumber

Dustless Concrete CuttingA while ago we showed you images from a job site we were on. We were doing a basement renovation – laying a new sewer and water line under the existing foundation.

For those businesses and homeowners who can’t have or don’t want dust in their homes – this definitely got their attention!

Dustless Concrete CuttingWith this cutting tool and high-tech vacuum, we can virtually eliminate dust from typically our messiest projects. We all know that cutting into concrete is often a very dusty proposition – but with Chasles Plumbing – it’s not the case any longer.

We can jackhammer and saw into foundations now with confidence that we’re handing you back not only great workmanship, but the cleanest job site possible.

If you’d like to get a quote on your (formerly messy job), give us a call – 519-240-0077 or send us an email.

Dustless Concrete Cutting