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Chasles Plumbing Professionals and COVID-19

Mar 17, 2020 | Health & Safety

We are facing some difficult days ahead here in Ontario. COVID-19 infection cases are expected to rise in the coming weeks. It will be our early response that will dictate how things will play out. We’ll need to be diligent and use common sense.

At Chasles Plumbing Professionals, we are dedicated to staying open and helping those in need. As usual, we continue complete our projects as safely as possible. In terms of COVID-19, this means that we will not arrive on jobs sites while exhibiting symptoms of sickness – fever, coughing, sneezing. We always wear gloves while working at your premises as to prevent the transfer of germs or viruses.

While we take this very seriously, we want to express that we expect our clients are operating in the same fashion. We expect that you will not request our workers arrive onsite to individuals who are exhibiting signs of illness. If there are signs of any illness, to protect our employees and business, we will leave the premises and postpone the work until a later time.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe and stay positive. We will get through this.