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Don’t Let The Grease Get You Down

Dec 19, 2019 | Plumbing Tips

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas!? Well we can….yes we’ve been watching the calendar and making good use of Amazon for some good new-fashioned shopping.

As much as we’d love to see you this Christmas, we’re going to give you some tips to avoid Chasles Plumbing Professionals.

The most important tip is to flush NONE/NOTHING/NO grease down any drain or toilet this Christmas.

Turkey and bacon grease look like they’ll go down the drain with no issue. But the problem is that they don’t stay in the runny-liquidy form for very long after it leaves your sink or toilet.

It hardens quickly and sticks to the inside of your pipes – then your problems begin.

You see with grease, not only does it harden but it is sticky. So many things that make their way down the sink afterwards, get caught in the gooey mess.

Over time, grease will accumulate. You may think you’ve gotten away with it this Christmas, but we often get calls in March for clogged pipes that really became the problem in December.

Bacon FatThe worst part about these animal greases – they don’t go away. The break down over time yes…but extremely slowly…and because of the stickiness, they’ll never magically disappear without plumber intervention.

Consider this, even when you do clear your pipes from grease, it still is in the plumbing system / sewers underground. This is becoming a major problem for cities around the world. Massive fatbergs are having to be removed by municipalities. As more people hire plumbers to clean their home’s pipes, they problem simply gets pushed further down the line.

To avoid this, please pour grease into a homemade trap – an old can or glass jar. Once the grease cools, you’ll be able to scoop it out and dispose of it in the garbage.

If you are cooking bacon, clean the frying pan out with a paper towel. Even the smallest bit of remaining grease will accumulate in your pipes and cause issues in the future.

Please remember to NOT use solvents to attempt to remove these clogs. They are so strong and often become trapped in pipes. Over time, they will corrode through – like you see below from one of our customer calls last year.

So have a great fat-free plumbing Christmas! Remember if you do have any issues, don’t hesitate to call us, we’ll get you cleaned up and on your way to enjoy the spirit of the holidays.

If you are any variety of vegetarian – please ignore this message.

Merry Christmas everyone!