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Five Eco-Friendly Tips For Your Bathroom

Jan 16, 2018 | Plumbing Tips

If you want to up your game in the eco-friendly movement, the bathroom is a good place to start. There is much wasted water and toxic chemicals that we  can all improve upon. 

1. Use Low Flow Shower Heads

Taking a shower saves water – period. But if you can get in and out in under 5 minutes, that’s ideal. For those who like get some serious thinking or singing done, then maybe it’s time to consider a low-flow shower head.

A traditional shower head typically uses 19 – 30 litres of water per minute. A low-flow device can reduce that to less than 10 litres per minute.

By using an eco-friendly shower head, you will consume less water and use less energy to heat your water.

2. Install a Low Flush Toilet

Toilets use almost 30% of the water consumed in your home. Reducing the amount that your toilets require can offer a significant cost savings.

We’ve heard some stories that low-flush toilets don’t always flush what’s in the bowl, but in our experience, if you get a quality toilet, you will have these problems.

If you have an older toilet and want to start using less water right away, you can make adjustments in the water tank to shut the water off earlier than it does currently. This means it requires less water to fill after each flush.

3. Use LED Lightbulbs

Many of us have already made the switch to LED lighting. If you haven’t, now is the time. The bulbs have been reduced significantly in price and the common complaint about colour (actually light temperature) has been solved. Many LED lights now cast the same warm colour that we are used to with older incandescent bulbs.

Eventually incandescent bulbs will be more difficult to find and will likely become more expensive in coming years. Make the change and save some money!

4. Change to an Energy Efficient Vent Fan

If you have a fan in your bathroom and it hasn’t been upgraded in the past few years, then likely it’s consuming far more energy than required.

A new energy-efficient fan can reduce energy consumption by as much as 65% over your old model.

We also recommend installing a timer switch on your fan. You can turn it on for 10-30 minutes and allow moisture to be properly removed after a shower or bath. This will help prevent mold and damage to your bathroom.

5. Clean with Homemade Products

Cleaners purchased at stores are often very harsh chemicals. While they may do a decent job of cleaning, they really are harmful to the environment.

Better options would be vinegar, baking soda and more friendly store options that are certified green and organic. Visit this site to learn more about some creative uses for vinegar and baking soda.

Hand soap, towels and toilet paper all have environment-friendly options. If you really are looking to help our environment and have peace of mind, we encourage you to do some homework on your options.