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Why an RO system is great for your Humidifier

Dec 18, 2017 | Plumbing Tips

Tis the season for dry homes and nosebleeds.

Whether you are using a forced air furnace or the older boiler/radiators, heating your home in the winter dramatically reduces the amount of water vapour in the air. This often leads to uncomfortable sleeping.

It’s your noses job to deliver warm and moist air to your lungs at all times. If your home’s humidity is too low, your body will take over and make you breath through your mouth while you sleep (drawing moisture from your mouth). This makes for a very dry mouth in the morning.

RO SystemYou can avoid this situation by installing a humidifier on your furnace or purchasing a moveable one from a big box store. The cost of these can run from $50 – $200 and should be sized for the area you’re trying to humidify. Even the tiniest ones can easily humidify your bedroom.

They key to using a humidifier however is using clean (mineral-free) water. Purchasing distilled water at the grocery store is far too expensive.

The solution is a Reverse Osmosis system. When you use clean water in your humidifier or kettle, you will practically never have to clean the unit. This means less work and a longer life of these appliances.

We recently got this from a client:

“…thanks for your suggestion on RO system last year. We have been using our room humidifier since November. It is still crystal clear. In prior years, we’d go through two units over the winter months. It’s so much more comfortable with the humidifier and we love the fact that we are not trying to clean it with chemicals every week. Thanks Lee.”

If you are looking add some convenience to your winter – and to spend less time and money on your kettles, coffee makers and humidifiers – call us at Chasles Plumbing Professionals or send us an email, we’ll help get you started.