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Winter Plumbing Woes and How to Avoid Them

Nov 28, 2017 | Plumbing Tips

Winter can be a tough time on your home. In Canada, we are all very dependent on our furnaces to keep things at a comfortable temperature and for our pipes to deliver and remove water & waste from our homes.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind this winter.

Frozen Pipes

Don’t let this happen to you. Turn off and drain the pipes going outside of your home to hose bibs. If you leave water in them, they may expand and crack. There may be no immediate leak (because they are frozen), but once they thaw, you may have a large mess on your hands.

If you lose heat in your home due to a broken furnace, you’ll likely have some time before your home goes below zero. After a while at sub-zero temperatures, it can begin to affect your inside pipes. Avoid damage by shutting off the water inside the home and draining the faucets. You may also have to call the City to shut off the water entering your home. If your furnace does break down, it’s best to call a plumber first.

Clogged Drains (Cold Turkey!)

Turkey GreaseWe’ve written about this before. It’s a common call for plumbers on Dec. 25/26. Simply put, do not pour grease down the drain. It may go down nice and easy, but with a few feet down the pipe it will cool and harden. This is an often instant clog and one that may require special equipment to clear.


No Hot Water

There will likely be only one reason your hot water stops working – because your hot water heater is failing. Have your hot water tank inspected as soon as possible this season.

When setting your hot water temperature, you may want to increase it for the winter months and decrease it again in the spring. Remember to never set the temperature above 60C. Small children do not always pay attention to the water coming from the taps and this can quickly burn delicate skin. Water above 60C can also cause 3rd degree burns in adults in as little as six seconds.

If you have any issues with your plumbing over the winter months or would like to schedule a preventative maintenance call, email us or call our office: (519) 240-0077