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The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Plumber

Jun 13, 2017 | Plumbing Tips

We’re proud to say we are a licensed plumbing company. It means we’ve put in the hard work and maintain our active status with the College of Trades.

We know that there are many homeowners who want to save money and hire an unlicensed plumbing handyman. We just want to say that we don’t blame you. We all want to save money on work done around the house. If you want to go this route, you’ll have to be smart about it.

It’s becoming a weekly occurrence where we are called to repair work done by non-plumbing professionals. We see everything from tap replacements to bigger jobs like basement digs.Plumbing disaster

The rule of thumb you should use is that – if you need a city inspector to review/certify the job, you have to ALWAYS use a licensed plumber. Inspectors likely won’t approve the work of a handyman and you may have to re-do the job from start to finish. If you don’t need an inspector (e.g. faucet changes, toilet replacement), then use a handyman if you feel you can get quality work done. Also ensure they will stand behind their work if something goes wrong. Most handymen will not offer guarantees on workmanship.

As a licensed plumber, we have a relationship with the local inspectors and will often discuss the details of your project. They know our quality of work and we know the plumbing code! We make sure the job gets done right.

It’s an unfortunate trend; we have seen too many lose money by poor workmanship and inspectors denying repairs and upgrades.

Work of a non-licensed plumber


This picture was the result of the improper installation of a basement dig and plumbing project (pictured above).

If someone doing work for you represents themselves as a licensed plumber, you can easily check their credentials online. Simply go to the Ontario College of Trades. Their website can be found at: Test it out. Here is the result when we enter “Lee Chasles” .

We wanted to leave you with a real google review from the client who experienced these pictures firsthand.

Lee rescued me after inspector came in and informed me guy I hired was lying and not a licensed plumber and job had to be redone. Lee came in gave me a fair price and of course inspector loved his work. But here is what impressed me the most and showed what type of person Less is. Lee had a first year apprentice with him. He treated that young man with respect and showed him how things were done properly. If he needed some pipe of something from the truck he did not bark orders but said please and Thank you to the young. Bottom line impressed with them and will use them again.