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Water Heater Contracts – It’s another win for consumers!

Nov 5, 2015 | Plumbing Tips

Everyone knows about those pesky door-to-door water heater salespeople. They’re walking around with their clipboards and their assertive attitudes trying to convince you that your water heater isn’t as good as the industry standard and should be replaced–meanwhile chances are your water heater is just fine.

Last April, it had been officially announced that the Ontario government will be strengthening rules on water heater contracts. There are now longer cooling-off periods and clearer contracts which will better protect consumers. What this means is that consumers are now given 20 days to cancel a contract signed at the door for any reason at all without penalty. Maybe your significant other accidentally signed a new water heater contract without reading the fine print? It’s okay! Ontario Government to the rescue! You now have 20 days to re-read over all the fine print and make an informed decisions as to whether or not to go with the salesperson’s “authoritative” words of advice. In addition, water heater suppliers must now be completely transparent about key contract terms in easy-to-understand language and provide all relevant consumer information.

It is also important that you are aware that salespeople must also provide you with statistically accurate information on the long term costs of renting vs. owning a hot water heater. No more one-sided sales pitches!

This has been long overdue.

Did you know that in 2014, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services received more than 1,700 complaints and inquiries about water heater removals and rentals?

Although this may be considered old news as it was made official last spring, we thought it was important to publish it on the Clog Blog because we have increasingly had to tell our clients that we now have precautions for these type of pesky salespeople. Here at Chasles Plumbing we care about our customers and we want what’s truly best for them. If you happen to be following along with our blog, we’ll begin to engage our community more than ever. If you want to learn more about how professional plumbing tips can make your home a better home or even just a heads up with what’s going on in the Tri-Cities Area, feel free to check out our posts over at You’ll be glad you did!

For further information on the new rules, visit our Water Heater Contract Information in our News and Information section.

Finally, if by chance you are reading this article because you are in the market to rent a new water heater, we’ve got you covered.  We inspect and install all major brands of water heaters (as well as water softeners, A/C, and furnaces).  Contact us to book your inspection today!  And don’t worry, we’ve been surpassing what the Ontario government is asking now for years.